I am beyond STOKED to meet you!! I’m Brittany, a small-town, bubbly gal living the city life. I’m pretty sure I was destined to be the crazy cat lady, but managed to land myself a handsome husband, as well as a cat - talk about best of both worlds! I currently live in Regina, SK., and love travelling – near or far, I just love the feel of the windows down, tunes up and an open road with some good company! I’m a chicken fingers and diet A&W root beer kind of girl. I sometimes talk so fast I trip over my own words – literally, and I like to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy – I think I’ve seen the whole series about 9 times. I just wish Netflix would stop judging me by asking if I’m still watching every 3 episodes ;)

Hey ya’ll! I’m glad you made it here!


“Photography is the beauty of life captured.”


You're our girl, let's do it!